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About Jeffrey Hallin




Leaders develop strategies. These strategies turn challenges into triumphs. Just ask Jeffrey Hallin. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Jeffrey was instilled with the virtues of honor, integrity and duty. As an officer in the Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm, Jeffrey learned just how important planning was to the success of any objective.

Focusing on Success

For the last decade, Jeffrey’s focused his strategic thinking on the needs and goals of executives, business owners, and individuals. As a comprehensive financial planner, Jeffrey is committed to helping people and businesses make the most of their financial decisions.

The Ability to Listen

“Money doesn’t come with instructions,” says Jeffrey. “Each client is different. I help them develop customized strategies based on their needs and goals.” He is known for his ability to analyze his clients’ needs and provide them with personal service and creative solutions.

Providing Confidence

Jeffrey is committed to building long-term relationships. He is an objective, caring professional who believes the true reward of financial planning lies in the difference he is able to make in the lives of others. “I understand how important financial decisions are for my clients,” he says. “I want them to be confident that the strategy we develop will help them attain their goals.”